HOUSTON - Opponents are upping the ante in their fight against HISD’s plans to change the names of several district schools.

On Tuesday, protesters gathered on the grounds of HISD headquarters and vowed to sue the district if it doesn’t agree to rescind the renaming plans within 24 hours.

In May, the school board voted to change the names of 7 schools named after heroes of the Confederacy.

The district said implementing the changes will cost a little more than a million dollars. Opponents believe the school board’s vote was illegal and think the money could be better spent in the classroom.

“Do not change the name just because you can,” said Reagan High School Alum Kay Cella. “Have a heart. Use this money for the students.”

Nick Harris graduated from Jeff Davis High School. He accused the school board of creating problems where none exist.

“It’s about history for me and my family and people who are in my group called the panther network,” said Harris. “It’s not about race.”

HISD officials wouldn’t comment on the group’s ultimatum but said the school board’s next meeting won’t take place until August.