Houston — HOUSTON - Keyless entry is a feature most new car owners appreciate.

However, the signal that unlocks the vehicle can also be duplicated, putting your car or prized possessions at risked of being taken.

Khaled Bakkar with Automobile Locksmith says these sort of thefts do happen.

He said people are hacking into keyless fobs and taking off with cars.

Believe it or not aluminum foil can help protect you.

Bakkar said, “Whenever we put the key fob in the foil it will disable the key fob from working. Just make a fist around your key and the vehicle shot not be able to open.”

For instance, most people with keyless cars don’t think twice when on the go. They get in, press start, and they’re ready to go. But, the hassle-free feature of most new cars also comes with a downside.

Thieves can now copy the signal that unlocks the car using it to their advantage.

While the foil isn’t functional for everyday use Bakkar said it can become handy if your car will be sitting around for long periods of time.

“When you’re on vacation make sure your key is far away from the car as possibly can because that’s all they need is to be close to the key and just a hand on the car and it will unlock and they’ll be off to go,” Bakkar said.

It’s a simple hack that can stop people from becoming the next car theft victim.

Bakkar said there’s specialize bags on the market that also prevent the signal from being transmitted but experts say it defeats the purpose of having keyless entry.