HOUSTON — United flights come in and out of Houston around the clock.

"We have about 515 flights that depart Houston every day," said Jana Washington.

Washington is an area Ramp Manager for United Airlines at Bush Airport. She says the airline's nearly 2,300 ramp workers are key to making it happen. During the summer they do it in Houston's extreme heat.

"It's one of the toughest jobs to do in Houston's summer heat," said Washington.

And those summer temperatures can be dangerous, especially in the belly of a massive jet.

"If it's 109 degrees outside, it's even hotter in the pit," said Washington. "They're stacking suitcases in and out."

Temps near the equipment clocked in today at 171 degrees, so the airlines takes no chances. There's even a clinic on site in case of emergency.

"They are sweating a lot and you can tire out very easily," said Washington.