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AC preps can be a hot commodity ahead of summer

Of course, it'll be hot. It's Texas after all. Experts say you can do a few simple things to keep from burning up your air conditioning system and yourself.

HOUSTON — To say Texas is hot in the summer is about as obvious as saying water is wet.

But it's possible that nobody knows that better than a resident with a broken air conditioning system and the technicians sent out to repair them.

There are a few things you should do to make sure your AC system is working properly before the heat really ramps up this year.

Henry Tamacas with John Moore Services said there are a few things you can check outside and inside your house.

One thing to check is your thermostat. 

"You always want to look at the back and see if it's completely dusty," Tamacas said. "If it is, blow it off and clean it. That only works for so long before you've got to replace it."

Next, you'll need to check your air filters and vents.

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"Even if it's on the opposite side of the room, you want to face it towards the window, because the window is the heat source," Tamacas said. "You want to make sure we're attacking the heat as it comes in."

Filters need to be changed regularly and positioned correctly.

Another place to check is the attic or where ever your actual air conditioning unit is located.

"If you come up here, and the system is vibrating, that's a major issue especially with a gas system," Tamacas said.

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Dripping water is another red flag. 

Some systems allow you to adjust the flow from your unit and regulate how much cool air is going into each room of your house.

If you're not familiar with the levers on a unit or how to adjust the flow, Tamacas says you'll want to call your technician for a tune-up.

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