HOUSTON - Dozens of cars lined the streets of Downtown Houston for a sneak peak at the craziness, set to music in this year's Art Car Parade.

The Orange Show Center for the Visionary Art helps to host the festivities that have been going on for the past 31 years. Growing from a small group of car enthusiasts with a flair for the eclectic, into one of the biggest shows of it's kind anywhere in the country.

So far, there have been 250 masterpieces who've rolled through th event and continue to make the parade a yearly tradition.

Now I'm a car guy and I love art, so the question here shouldn't be why. As David Robertson puts it, "it's more like why not? When you have a car and you want to make it a piece of art, you start gluing stuff down."

As with any artist, David says he's inspired by seeing so much creativity around him in these events. Of course he's quick to show us what makes his creation unique. Unlike other cars, his is a daily driver and one that's meant to be seen and even touched.

"People take a look at it and give you the thumbs up or don't know what you're doing," said Robertson.

Louis Toro put his own car together after convincing his daughter it was worth keeping and not recycling. Toro who owns a cell phone repair shop in California, put the car together with whatever he had around. Turns out, that meant an entire car littered with phone cases.

"I had some old face plates from 25 years of business. So I laid out a design and put my logo on the front," said Toro.

Creativity meets cars, meets craziness at this years Art Car sneak peak and from the looks of the Prince-inspired car, no one is holding back. Not Rebecca Bass or the Houston students who pieced it together.

"They don't have to be artists, they just have to be earnest," said Bass who is on her 32nd car this year.

Music may have inspired these creations, but some inspirations are more like a guessing game. Even after 31 years, artists here never cease to amaze.

So expect plenty of double takes over the next four days as the party goes through the weekend. Friday's Art Car ball kicks off the festivities with a parade on Saturday and an award ceremony on Sunday.

Over $10,000 worth of prize money will be handed out to some of the more noteworthy cars.

There will also be boats and rescue vehicles in the parade as part of Harvey's Heroes tribute collection.