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7-year-old boy hurt in west Harris County drive-by shooting

The child went into surgery late Saturday afternoon.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A 7-year-old survived a drive-by shooting in Katy Saturday afternoon.

It happened near Fort Stanton and Little Bighorn in the Sundown subdivision.

“It’s really crazy,” Joseph Carmouche, who heard the gunfire said.

Five shots startled neighbors.

“I was playing a (video) game and I heard something (that sounded like knocking),” Eddie Hruska, a neighbor said. “Initially, I thought it was a nail gun,” Carmouche said. “Then, I said no. A nail gun couldn’t shoot that fast. So I figured it was some gunshots.”

“I grabbed my pistol and I had it in my hand and I looked out the peep hole first,” Hruska said. “Then I walked around and looked out each window to see if I could see anything out there.”

“I heard this car haul just right by our street and so I knew it was some kind of drive-by shooting,” another neighbor said.

Harris County Sheriff deputies said a shooter in a vehicle fired bullets into a white Cadillac Escalade. Gunfire hit a seven-year-old in his back.

Those in the SUV drove the boy to a hospital nearby where he rode LifeFlight for treatment in the Texas Medical Center.

Investigators did not name a motive or give suspect descriptions. However, the victim will recover, authorities.

Neighbors still have questions.

“Was it an accident or was somebody trying to get him?” Hruska asked.