HOUSTON — It’s a discovery in southeast Harris County that is giving some people who’ve had their trucks stolen hope.

Harris County deputies said a tip lead them to a field on east Orem Drive near Mykawa Road.

There they found about 50 trucks stolen trucks.

These trucks had been stripped of things like engines, wheels and bumpers. When authorities checked the vehicle identification numbers on several of the vehicles, they realized they were stolen.

While we don’t know exactly where these trucks were stolen from, victims across Houston are checking to see if theirs has been found.

Rodney Reed is a victim of car thieves. 

"It’s been hell, really. It’s been a struggle," Reed said.

Reed stopped by the site to check out what had been found.

“I bought it in January. I do mobile paint and body so I had about $10,000 grand in equipment in the back and it was stolen in May,” he said. 

Reed’s truck was stolen in Atascocita from his apartment complex.

“There was no glass, no broken windows. I assume whoever is doing it knows what they’re doing," he said.

He’s been looking for his truck ever since.

The trucks were hauled off to a storage lot nearby as people who have fallen victim to car thieves like Reed wait for good news.

“I’m hoping to gain something off of it and the fact that I do paint and body, maybe I can fix it for less than what other people might be able to fix theirs for,” Reed said.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Ford and Chevy trucks were among the top 5 most stolen cars in the U.S this year.

Experts recommend installing security, immobilizing or GPS devices to help keep your car off that list.

No word yet on if authorities have made any arrests.

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