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5 rescued from sinking boat off the SE Texas coast

The coast guard credits a good Samaritan with loaning the boaters a pump
Credit: USCG
The boat is still floating 28 miles off-shore

HOUSTON — Five people on a broken down, sinking boat had to be rescued by the Coast Guard, Thursday. The stranded boaters were found 28 miles off the Texas coast in a half-submerged center console boat. 

According to the Coast Guard, one of the five people was able to call for help. Before the USCG helicopter and boat could get to the scene, good Samaritans on the boat Marilyn M pulled up to help by loaning those on the sinking boat a pump. 

Credit: Google Earth

Coast Guard Command Duty Officer Lt. J.G. Terrell Sisk says, "they were first on scene and able to pass a hand pump that kept the vessel above water until a Coast Guard crew could arrive." He added, "so often the assistance of good Samaritan crews like the crew of the Marilyn M help change the outcome of what could be a tragic situation."

The five on board the disabled boat were wearing life jackets. Once the Coast Guard arrived, the five were safely returned to shore. 

The sinking boat is still off-shore. The owner is responsible for salvaging it.