A video of an incredibly talented pint-sized cheerleader from Cypress is going viral.

It shows 4-year-old Kynzee Bryan practicing a cheer with her coach, Johnny Piggee. The video was posted to Facebook Monday, and by Wednesday night, it had more that 1.3 million views.

Kynzee might not be able to articulate what cheerleading is, “It’s where you go up in the air,” she explained, but boy, can she do it!

“She is a 4-year-old prodigy,” said Coach Piggee of Prodigy All-Stars in Cypress. “Everyone walks in here and immediately, their eyes goes to her and they’re just like...look at that girl!”

Kynzee first started cheering when she was 2 years old. Not only was she still in diapers, her family says she wore American Girl doll clothes to practice because it was hard to find cheerleading clothing that fit.

Kynzee practices at the gym every day of the week, along with her three older sisters, Kellee, 6, Kendall, 11, and Kaytlynn, 15.

Her mother, Gina Bryan, was also a cheerleader. Although Gina doesn’t like to brag, she admits her daughter is exceptionally talented.

Coach Piggee says Kynzee’s skill level is on par with Prodigy All-Stars’ top cheer team, Midnight. Kynzee has been made an honorary member but can’t compete for another 8 years.

Watch the full viral video of Kynzee and Coach Piggee below or tap/click here.