HOUSTON - New information about the Harris County toxicologist accused of lying on the stand in DWI cases was released Thursday.

The Medical Examiner's office now says Dr. Fessessework Guale testified in 33 cases dating back to 2011.

The ME's office says the hiring manager at the time Dr. Guale was hired in 2006 should have noticed degree discrepancies on her resume and employment applications. That manager no longer works in the Medical Examiner's office. They left the office before this controversy ever surfaced.

KHOU 11 News dug up court testimony transcripts that show Dr. Fessessework Guale claimed to have a Master's of Science degree in Toxicology from Oklahoma State University.

It turns out that's not true.

"That's a lie, she has a masters in physiological sciences," said Tyler Flood. "But when you look closer it doesn't relate to humans."

HCIFS first employed Dr. Guale back in 2000. She's climbed up the ranks over time and started testifying in DWI and other felony cases as an expert witness for the Harris County District Attorney's office in 2006.