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Homeowner Charged $500 For Plywood Crawl Space Door Doesn’t Pay A Penny After A 2 Wants To Know Investigation

That night, Morgan came home to find the “new” crawl space door was installed, “It was bad, bad, all I can say is bad,” said Stanley Morgan.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Stanley Morgan is not one to take chances, especially when it has to do with bugs, spiders and rodents. Morgan has a semi-annual appointment with a pest control company to spray his house twice a year, “They come out and do the exterminating, make sure the critters stay away,” said Morgan.

During a recent visit, the exterminator noticed the crawl space door was damaged and needed to be repaired to keep unwanted animals out. He called Morgan who wasn’t home at the time and offered to replace the door.

That night, Morgan came home to find the “new” crawl space door was installed, “It was bad, bad, all I can say is bad,” said Morgan. The door was nothing more than a piece of untreated plywood, two hinges, and a latch.

The cost to purchase the materials was no more than $50 and shouldn’t have taken any more than 30 minutes to install. Morgan wasn’t thrilled with the door, to begin with, but when he received a $500 bill, he immediately called the company for an explanation, “This is worth no more than $100 tops,” said Morgan.

The company agreed to cut the cost to $250 which Morgan still felt was way too high, “It isn’t going to last, I give it a year,” said Morgan.

Morgan tried calling the company three times with no luck, so he reached out to our 2 Wants To Know Call 4 Action Team. We were able to reach the owner of the company who agreed to investigate the situation. Our volunteers sent pictures of the crawl space door to the owner who immediately addressed the problem.

Within 24 hours Morgan had a “brand new” door that matched the siding on his home and fit like a glove, “Thanks to News 2, thank you,” said Morgan.

The company did not charge Morgan a penny for any of the work or materials and apologized for the issue.


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