SARGENT, Texas — People in Matagorda County are dealing with flooding after some isolated double-digit rainfall from Tropical Depression Imelda.

Precinct 6 Constable Bill Orton said 22 inches of rain fell in 48 hours. 13.5 inches fell in just a 12-hour span.

”Sargent as a whole had flooding on just about every road it has," said Constable Orton. ”It’s pretty devastating in the short amount of time it came in.”

Many residents said the flooding from Imelda was worse than what they got from Hurricane Harvey.

"This was worse than Harvey," said Larry Walton, who lives in Sargent year-round.

"Nothing we can’t clean up. We’re fortunate," said Joe Speckmaier, whose vacation home in Sargent had some flooding in the kitchen.

Constable Orton said they have not had any calls for any high-water rescues, but many first floors of homes and businesses are flooded.

Bay City ISD, Matagorda ISD, and Van Vleck ISD cancelled school due to the severe weather.

Matagorda County Emergency Operation Center officials, asked people to stay off the roads covered in water to avoid damaging them.

”Just bear with us and let us get through what we need to do and the utility companies so we can get back to normal," said Constable Orton. ”People spend their time and their hard-earned money here, so they’re going to have to come in here and clean up to get back on their feet.”

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People who live in Sargent are used to flooding, but they are still preparing for even more rain, and hoping the standing water will drain out in time.

”If we get more on top of this, I’m not sure what to expect," said Constable Orton.

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"If we get a lot more rain like we did last night, it’s going to be bad," said Walton.