A Crosby ISD school bus crashed into a ditch and flipped over Friday afternoon. Sixteen students and the driver were hurt but Crosby ISD said the injuries are not life-threatening.

Bus 213 was carrying approximately 50 middle and high school students. The bus driver told investigators she swerved to miss another vehicle and lost control.

The injured were rushed to area hospitals by ambulance.

"We understand it was bumps and bruises, but we wanted to get them to a hospital to make sure they're OK," said Harris County Sheriff Deputy Ralph Gonzales.

A Crosby ISD school bus crashed into a ditch and flipped over Thursday afternoon. Some students were hurt but Crosby ISD said the injuries are not life-threatening. (AIR 11)

Crosby ISD Superintendent Dr. Keith Moore said some of the injuries were "more significant" than bumps and bruises but couldn't elaborate.

Other media reports that children were trapped on the bus were incorrect, according to Crosby ISD.

Crosby firefighters and several ambulances responded to the crash on FM 1942 near Bohemian Hall.

Dr. Moore said he arrived at the scene within 15 minutes of the crash and first responders already had everyone off the bus.

"I know that we have an outstanding group of volunteer firefighters here in Crosby and our paramedics are top-notch," Dr. Moore said. "I have to give a good hats off to our first responders."

Several other Crosby ISD staff members and teachers rushed to the scene to help.

So did Good Samaritan Damon Martin, a former volunteer firefighter who lives nearby. He ran barefoot to the crash site.

"Mostly just panic, some cuts and bruises, one girl's leg was banged up pretty good, the bus driver was hurt," Martin said. "Other than that, you know, the majority of the kids were doing just fine."

Crosby ISD school buses do not have seat belt.s, which are not required under state law.

"We always want to take care of the safety of our students so every time we have an accident, we reflect on what we can do to keep our students safe," Dr. Moore said.

The driver had picked up students from Crosby High School and Crosby Middle School.

The uninjured students were taken to the Operations Center where parents could pick them up.

Parents were notified with a call-out and through social media, Dr. Moore said.