HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A 15-year-old girl was shot while attending a party in north Harris County Saturday afternoon.

According to police, other people at the family gathering were playing with water guns when a real gun went off.

The teenager was shot in the neck or shoulder area, police said.

She was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in stable condition.

Neighbors said a family friend, a man in his 40s, brought the gun to the party and was either playing with it at the time or had dropped it, causing it to fire.

He was taken into custody but it is not clear if he will be charged.

According to witnesses, the incident appeared to be an accident.

"He went to go dry off with his clothes and he had a gun. I guess he was messing with it and it shot the girl in her collar bone. Everybody was in panic, the girl was in shock, the ambulance came and the cops came and everything just broke out when she got shot." said Micah Stewart, a witness.

Family members said the teenager is going to be OK.