HOUSTON - There’s a new school spirit at Worthing High School, thanks to a brand new classroom building.

The freshly finished addition is two stories of top-notch technology and upgrades, state-of-the-art science labs, brightly colored classrooms, and even a college-style lecture hall.

Consider it a preview of what’s to come for dozens of HISD schools.

“We’re doing great things in the classroom, so to have a building that kind of matches that is equally just as exciting. It’s really a good feeling to be in this new building,” said Worthing Principal Duane Clark.

The new wing is only the first phase of the Worthing renovation project. When finished, it will have a total price tag of $30 million.

The Worthing budget only accounts for a sliver of the $1.89 billion HISD bond issue, approved back in 2012.

It’s a big chunk of money, that will eventually go toward renovating and rebuilding 40 different schools throughout the district.

Of the four dozen schools being upgraded, Worthing’s budget is actually on the lower end. Schools like Bellaire High School and Lamar High School are each slated for over $100 million in upgrades.