HOUSTON A bizarre theft in the Oak Forest neighborhood of Houston has left neighbors scratching their heads.

The crook didn t go for jewelry or electronics. Rather, he targeted a tree.

It happened on Thursday between 8 a.m. and noon near Ella Blvd. and Pinemont Drive.

Kae Bruney was attending her son s middle school graduation. She noticed something was different when they returned home, but couldn t put her finger on what it was.

Then she noticed a gaping hole in her front yard. The lemon tree she planted back in February was gone.

To take the time to dig out a tree. That s a special kind of stupid, said Bruney. They don t realize, it s too late to plant. You ve got a lemon tree you can t do anything with.

Some of Bruney s neighbors were home when it happened, but nobody saw a thing.

What s going on that someone would steal a lemon tree? asked Bruney. I was definitely looking forward to making lemonade.

Bruney said she might be laughing, but she s also hoping the culprit gets what he deserves.

I hope you find yourself stricken with dysentery on a long drive in the middle of nowhere, she laughed. If you needed my lemons so bad, I hope they serve you well.

Bruney said the lemon tree was only worth about $50. She now plans to buy a bigger one that will be much harder to dig out and carry away.