HOUSTON -- JJ Watt is closing in on his goal of raising $20 million for flood victims in Houston following Harvey.

On Sunday, Watt talked about the fund, and how he’s going to spend the money. He spoke as he and several Texans teammates delivered supplies in 10 semis to people in different parts of the viewing area hard hit by the storm.

Watt says he hasn’t yet decided how the money will be used, but did say he’s going to take his time to make sure it is spent wisely. He’s going to speak with leaders of several different charitable organizations, and those who helped with Katrina relief before making any decisions.

He says he goal is to make sure the money goes straight to people in Houston.

The fundraising started with a goal of raising $200,000, but then grew to what it is now.

“What we wanted to do was find a way to give back, find a way to help, even though we couldn’t physically be here,” Watt said Sunday morning. “That’s how the fundraiser started.”

Watt also said the trucks with supplies were all donated. Not a single dollar of the donated money has been spent yet.

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