HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — If you know something, please say something.

That’s the message from the family of a Harris County woman shot and killed while simply riding in the car with her husband.

Investigators say 62 year-old Saron James may have been caught in the middle of a road rage incident.

“I’m still in shock,” said daughter Kelley Mock.

Mock and her husband, Chris, spoke with us about the sudden, inexplicable way her mother lost her life.

“It’s just unreal,” said Mock. “I don’t really know the words to explain how my mom was taken and how we move forward without her.”

James was shot and killed around 6:20 Tuesday evening as she and her longtime husband, Cleveland, drove home from a doctor’s appointment along Old Greenhouse Road near Katy.

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Cleveland thought he’d possibly heard fireworks. But he then discovered Saron had been shot in the head after at least one bullet struck their SUV.

He said the shooter took an angel from the family.

“My dad lost his mom in June of last year and his dad in July of last year,” said Mock.  “And, no, he lost his wife...It’s just too much.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office released video of an Audi travelling on the same road at the time of the shooting in hopes of finding its driver and, possibly, a lead in the case.

“There’s no way that this vehicle went around other vehicles and nobody saw,” said Chris Mock. “We urge the public to come forward and bring any tips.”

Saron James is remembered as a fearful, faithful woman who could quote Bible verses without a second thought.

Her family prays for justice.

“Think if this was your mother,” said Kelley Mock. “So, if you know something, please say something.”