All Lorie Wilson wanted was a passport.

But after applying and paying, it never showed up.

So she contacted KHOU 11 Investigates and we launched the case of the missing passport.

First, we talked to Lorie about her travel plans.

Fifteen of her family members planned to take the Carnival Cruise out of Galveston in July. When the ship reached Jamaica, Lorie and her fiancé Robert Green were scheduled to getting married on the shore.

Lori and Robert.
Lori and Robert.

“It's going to be on the beach, breeze blowing man of my dreams standing at the end of the aisle me walking to him."

There's just one problem.

Lorie's 17-year old son doesn’t have his passport for the trip.

In March, Lorie and Jackson went to the central library in downtown Houston to apply for the passport.

Months passed and the passport never arrived.

Lorie says she called countless times and was told that the passport was sent through the mail to their old address. They recently moved and even though the new address was on the application, Jackson's old address is on his driver's license. They also had a forwarding address on file at the post office.

The passport was sent to that same wrong address twice.

"They said that someone should have called us and they didn't," Lorie said. "They just mailed it out. I don't know what their thought process was."

By the time Lorie contacted us, the passport was sitting somewhere in the Mickey Leland Federal Building and the cruise clock was ticking.

"I'm just angry and aggravated and very, very upset," she said. "I want my son at my wedding."

With little time to spare, we decided to cut through the red tape by going to her federal lawmaker.

We plugged her zip code in this website to find her U.S. Representative. Every lawmaker has caseworkers that help constituents handle issues with federal offices. You might even need the zip code extension to find the right person. Look on a piece of your mail to find the extra four digits or go here.

It turns out, Lorie's Congressman is Ted Poe. We emailed his office and they got involved in the case.

Two days later, our call worked.

Lorie and Jackson were invited downtown to pick up the passport.

When they walked out, Lorie was smiling from ear-to-ear.

"They took us straight through to the supervisor's window and we got his passport," Lorie said. "This has been going on since March, so thank you."

We never got a clear reason from the Department of State about the mailing mix-up. They simply provided the following statement.

“Due to privacy considerations, we are unable to share information regarding an individual’s passport application. The Department of State takes our commitment to customer service seriously, and we make every effort to assist customers quickly when we are made aware of any instance in which we may not have met our service standards."
Lori and Robert were married in July with Jackson on hand.
Lori and Robert were married in July with Jackson on hand.

Robert and Lorie Green were married in July and said the wedding was perfect.

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