MANVEL, Texas -- At a ranch in Manvel, a colt named Chance is an orphan in need of a mom. And it may have found one in a mare named Lariat.

"She is very protective when he goes closer to the other horses in the stalls. All really good signs that this is gonna be a good match," said Rebecca Williams, executive director of Habitat for Horses.

Chance and Lariat are both being cared for by the rescue group and being nursed back to health. Habitat for Horses takes care of abused or neglected horses and tries to find them new homes.

The organization and the horses have become a passion for Ginger Barber.

"Some of us take care of dogs, and cats, but a horse, it just changes you. It’s an amazing creature," Barber said.

She said it all started when she came across a starving and neglected Clydesdale a few years ago. Barber called police, who connected her with Habitat for Horses, and she wanted to really get involved.

She volunteers at Habitat for Horses, not afraid to get dirty doing chores.

Additionally, using her business connections, Barber started helping the organization raise money. She began organizing the nonprofit’s annual fundraising dinner.

So far, through Barber’s efforts, over $1 million has been raised, and Habitat for Horses has gone from having one ranch to four.

And a colt named Chance has a better chance of getting healthy and being adopted.

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