THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- The staff of Jasper’s in the Woodlands hopes to reunite a lost photo with the woman who left it behind at their restaurant.

The photo was left behind June 29, near a corner table and picked up by Christina Farooq.

Christina is a waitress at Jasper’s who says the woman who forgot the photo was on a date and appeared to be having a great time.

“They shared a few drinks, some food and stayed for a while,” Farooq said.

Every so often, Christina would see the woman hold the photo in her hand, but wasn’t sure what it was.

When the couple left, Christina walked back to the table and noticed the small photo on the ground. What she saw was an early era photo of a smiling man in perhaps Navy clothes.

“I knew as soon as I looked at those eyes, I knew that was her grandfather. That’s someone special to her,” Farooq said.

The woman was long gone, but a receipt offered at least one clue. The name of her date, Brent Smith.

We searched phone records and as you may have guessed, lots of Brent Smiths out there. Every call however, went straight to voicemail.

We tried sending text messages, with little luck. Leaving us with a keepsake, that if I had to guess, someone desperately wants back.

If you believe this photo belongs to you, it can be found at Jasper’s.