HOUSTON — New Hope Housing is trying to help the homeless and near-homeless get off the street and into a safe, high-quality environment.

The Houston nonprofit is providing housing with award-winning architecture and something else that’s extremely important: a sense of dignity.

“I was on the streets, so now with the help of them I'm moving forward, got a lot to be thankful for," said resident Kenneth Pugh.

"We believe that the quality of the space contributes to the quality of life of the people that live here," said Michael “Mack” Fowler, who’s been on New Hope’s board for nearly two decades.

The Houston oilman has helped the nonprofit grow to eight buildings around town, housing 1,600 people.

"I have, for whatever reason, a strong sense of empathy for the people that we pass everyday that don't have a clean safe place to live," Fowler said.

Life on the street can mean life without hope. It’s the life Jason Thompson lived for four years before moving into New Hope a year ago.

“I have a lot of gratitude. I look at stuff a lot more different. I don't take nothing for granted anymore," Thompson said.

Here, he and others don't just get their own apartment, there are all sorts of services they provide to help them get back on their feet, bringing them new hope.