The Recipe for Success Foundation is helping military veterans who want to start new lives on the farm.

It’s happening right in the middle of Houston's historic Sunnyside neighborhood in a place called Hope Farms.

"The goal is to create a network of small farms throughout Houston, and get into that true impact of food access and opening it up to many more Houstonians," says Justin Myers, Chief Agriculture Officer of Hope Farms.

Hope Farms is a seven-acre plot of land that’s being used to grow produce. Here, they're teaching military veterans like Daniel Smith, how to be farmers.

"There's nothing better than just like seeing the beginning product and then nurturing something until it’s ready for harvest and then sharing that with other people," said Smith.

Smith served in the Army. Two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. A survivor of multiple gunshot wounds and over a dozen IED explosions. Physical wounds and mental ones. He suffers from PTSD.

He says this farming helps him heal.

"There's no better way to get grounded and take that refreshment, the therapeutic aspects, to farm out in nature, surrounded by life," says Smith.

The trainees take part in a year-long curriculum where they learn everything from growing produce to the economics of running a farm.

Hope Farms opens as a market every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. They sell the produce that they grow. To find out more, head to