On this season of Missing Pieces, reporters Grace White and Matt Keyser are investigating the murder case of Sandra Melgar. She's serving 27 years in prison for the brutal murder of her husband, Jaime "Jim" Melgar, the night they celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary. Why are there so many questions about her guilt?

On this episode: We’ve covered a lot about the Sandra Melgar murder case these past six weeks. In this week’s bonus episode, hosts Grace White and Matt Keyser discuss lingering questions and answer your questions about the case.

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Missing Pieces: Season 2 Episode 7: Q&A with hosts Grace & Matt

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How this story was reported: Reporters Grace White and Matt Keyser spent months reviewing the case file, provided by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. That was complete with original police reports, investigators’ notes and interrogation tapes, crime scene photos, and Jaime “Jim” Melgar’s autopsy report. White and Keyser spoke with prosecutor Colleen Barnett, who provided great detail about the state’s case against Sandra, and family members of Jim and Sandra, who provided valuable insight into their life and marriage.

If you have any questions or information about the case, email Grace and Matt.

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