HOUSTON — A Rolex watch could be the key to finding a killer. After KHOU first aired a story on the cold case murder of Russell Allen, a viewer who saw the story called and offered to help.

"When I saw the tragedy with this man that was murdered and his family wanting to find out what happened to him and his watch, which was clearly a special family heirloom, I thought you know, maybe I can help," said Phyllis Trogdon, Store Director at Deutsch & Deutsch Rolex Boutique.

Houston Police believe Allen was killed in 2004 for his Rolex. He was shot to death inside his insurance business, just two doors down from his motorcycle dealership on the Southwest Freeway near Bering. The watch was inscribed with a special quote that's now on his grave: 

I'll love you as long as I live

I'll live as long as I love you

Trodgon checked Rolex's worldwide database, but there was no record of the watch being sent in for service. Meantime, she offered to help us make sure it's flagged in their system.

"I can't imagine losing my dad, so we want to always give back to the community, we want to make sure in any way possible, if we can help, we can," she said.

There's a $55,000 reward for information. Call Crime Stoppers if you can help at (713) 222-TIPS.

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