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Families of murdered couple identified after four decades travel to Houston to visit site where remains found

"Not even the devil himself could've stopped me," said Donna Casasanta, Harold Dean Clouse Jr.'s mom. She came to Houston with Tina Linn's brother to seek closure.

HOUSTON — Down a desolate dirt road in north Harris County, the families of a young couple  murdered in Houston in 1981 returned to the site where their loved one's bodies were discovered.

"Not even the devil himself could've stopped me," said Donna Casasanta, Harold Dean Clouse Jr.'s mom. "When the phone would ring, I would jump out of my skin."

The remains of Harold Dean Clouse, Jr. and Tina Gail Linn were uncovered more than 40 years ago by the Harris County Sheriff's Office. However, investigators at the time weren't able to identify them.

It wasn't until recently that the couple was identified thanks to advanced genealogical testing.

"All those years I would see somebody that would remind me of him," said Chris Casasanta, Harold's brother. "I'm a lot younger than him and I'm like his sidekick, you know."

After more than four decades without answers, Donna finally got the call last year that they'd been found.

"I wanted to scream as loud as I could scream," she said.

Family members from both victims traveled to Houston for closure. As each person wiped away tears, they shared stories and memories. 

After a heart-stopping visit to where investigators uncovered the remains of Harold and Tina, the families drove to the final resting place for Harris County Jane and John Does.

"Harris County 'does' since January of 1981," said Cheryl Clouse, Harold's sister. "Uknown for decades now Heaven is now your forever."

Tina and Harold have been at the Harris County Cemetery for four decades, but their families never knew.

"We definitely want to keep them together," said Les Linn, Tina's brother. "We never got the last chance to see them and say goodbye. It just doesn't seem right."

Green flags mark where the couple is resting.

"It was like attending a funeral," said Clouse. "Like I was attending his service. We sang a song, we prayed."

Praying for closure and praying for Hollie Marie. The couple's then baby, was never found or heard from ever again. If alive, she would be 42 years old. 

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created an age progression picture of Hollie.

"She's a combination of her parents and she's telling me stories through Dean's eyes," said Tess Welch, Harold's sister.

Forensic investigators are still trying to solve the mystery.   

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