The Houston Forensic Science Center has cut the city’s backlog of untested sexual assault kits in half since the I-Team first exposed the problem last month.

There were 333 untested rape kits sitting on a property room shelf for more than a month.

The HFSC, the city’s independent crime lab, said it has since discovered an additional 47 sexual assault kits needing testing. Through a combination of overtime and redeploying workers, 185 tests have been completed, according to Chief Operating Officer Dr. Peter Stout.

Dr. Stout said another 100 rape kits were sent to an outside lab for expedited testing.

“The plan is proceeding as we want it to," said Dr. Peter Stout, Chief Operating Officer of the Houston Forensic Science Center. "We're on that plan, we're making the progress that we think we need to make to have this all cleared by July 1."

July 1 was the deadline Houston Mayor Turner gave to eliminate the backlog just days after the I-Team’s original story. Dr. Stout said 100 rape kits were sent to an outside lab for testing.

The new backlog began just one year after city leaders proclaimed the end to a massive backlog of 6,600 rape kits that dated back decades. Those leaders also promised no future delays.