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KHOU 11 Investigates takes a close look at fighting numbers at Greater Houston schools

KHOU 11 Investigative Reporter Cheryl Mercedes takes a look at what's being done to combat fighting at Greater Houston schools.

Cheryl Mercedes (KHOU)

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Published: 7:04 PM CST January 19, 2023
Updated: 8:15 AM CST January 22, 2023

Parents with kids who attend Houston-area schools have continually expressed that safety is at the top of their minds.

KHOU 11 News asked them to fill out a survey about fights and acts of violence at their child’s school. Many of them said it's a problem that's getting worse.

The majority of the 428 parents who took the KHOU 11 School Safety Survey said they've seen videos of kids kicking, punching and hitting fellow classmates between classes.

KHOU 11 investigative reporter Cheryl Mercedes did a three-part series on the concerns.

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