HOUSTON – Getting a great deal on travel makes the trip that much sweeter.

So, we talk to travel insider Michelle Weller. She's with Travel Leaders/Future Travel.


"They're trying to get everything to about 75 percent occupancy by the end of May beginning of June," she said. "So pretty much everything is sold out if you wait too late."

If you're a family on a budget, Weller offers TIP # 2 CONSIDER CRUISING.

"Probably one of the most cost effective ways is to do a cruise and it's easiest because it's enclosed and inclusive," she said.

Weller also suggests flying or driving to Florida to take that cruise.

"They have bigger ships in Florida so they can do better deals," she said. "Norwegian has really huge ships and Disney has a three days cruise to a private island in the Bahamas."

Now if Disney is in your future, Weller offers TIP # 3 GO TO DISNEYLAND instead of Disneyworld. She believes overall it's a better value and not as crowded.

"A lot of people don't know that Disney Land is a really good alternative to Disney World," she said. "If the kids are pretty little they're not going to know the difference and there is a price difference."

For long weekend trips, Michelle suggests South Padre Island (except during Spring Break) Austin or Destin, Fla. But for the best deals, she says head to Cancun, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

"They have all-inclusive and it's very safe," she said.


Weller will tell you that no matter where you're going, a plane ticket is cheaper if you include Saturday in your stay.