Are you tired of paying a huge cable bill for channels you don't watch? A growing number of Americans are fed up and getting rid of cable altogether.

It takes discipline and creativity, but it can save you a lot of money.

Just ask Chris Brantner with the Houston-based website Cut Cable Today.

"It's not uncommon for readers to tell me that they're saving between $50 to $100 a month," Brantner said.

Brantner, also known as "Mr. Cable Cutter," has three easy steps to help you cut the cord.

No. 1 is get an antenna.

"For any cord cutter who's looking to save money, an antenna is crucial," Brantner said.

For less than $100, you can get an antenna that lets you watch dozens of channels.

You can also find out what will tune in at your house by going to Just plug in your address.

"Step 2 would be to get a streaming device," Brantner said.

It's basically a cable box replacement that connects to your Wi-Fi. It's a one-time cost that can start for as little as $30.

"This is the Roku Express, and this is their budget device," Brantner said as he pointed to a small rectangular box about half the size of a cell phone.

There's Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV to name a few. They make any TV "smart" and let you watch free apps and the subscription-based ones like Netflix.

Step 3 is pick your streaming apps for on demand binge watching or live TV.

Brantner showed us Sling TV, one of the options that starts at only $20 a month.

"If you are somebody who needs live TV, then something like Sling will allow you to scratch that cable itch without actually paying as much," he said.

There are other options too like DirectTV now, Playstation Vue and Fubo TV.

If you want on-demand apps, you'll pay between $6 to $12 monthly. There's Netflix, CBS All Access and Hulu.

Don't forget, if you're an Amazon Prime member, your $99 subscription pays for the video service. Otherwise, it's $9 a month.

On, you'll find lots of cable alternatives. Brantner and his brother tested different options and give their honest reviews.

You'll also get more information about internet speeds and how to access your favorite sports without traditional cable service.