PEARLAND, Texas - A husband and wife from Alvin were injured after their plane crashed in a field near Pearland Saturday afternoon, according to officials with the Department of Public Safety.

The couple took off from Pearland Regional Airport around 12:20 p.m. A mechanical issue with one of the wings was detected immediately, officials said.

The pilot crashed in a nearby field, purposely avoiding homes in the area.

A nearby homeowner, Robert Kettle witnessed the crash.

"Saw the plane come behind my house," said Kettle. "It veered right over the edge of my house and came straight over a bunch of trees and hit a row of trees, and that's when it flipped."

Kettle and his grandson helped rescue the couple inside the plane.

"My grandson was with me and I told him, if these people are dead, just don't panic...We'll just go from there." said Kettle.

He and his grandson used an ATV to transport the couple from the plane to his driveway so emergency crews could easily reach them.

"One of her arms was broken and he had damage," Kettle said. "The whole side of his face was swollen."

DPS Sgt. Stephen Woodard said the pilot purposely picked the field in order to avoid striking nearby homes.

"You know, today's a good day." said Woodard. "Two people landed or crashed in a field, from a plane, from the sky...and they're alive."

The man and his wife were taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital. They are expected to be OK.