Up in Spring, you can get a little spook with that scrub at GFY Car Wash.

“We’ve got the haunted car wash,” laughs owner Bobbie Munsey.

It features a whole cast of creeps, including Freddy Krueger, Michael, Jason and Twisty.

“[The scariest part was] Pennywise trying to open the door!” says one teen customer. “I’m like, ‘I’m in my nightmare right now!’”

Haunted car wash 01
Creepy characters pop up in the car wash, which really will get your car clean.

Those characters pay cars a visit while they wait in a line that can sometimes stretch up to three hours.

“They’re coming from Katy, they’re coming from Kingwood, they’re coming from Corsicana,” Munsey says.

The creepy masked folks also pop up in the car wash, which really will get your car clean.

“Some people have asked, ‘Do I roll up my windows?’ Yes, you do, there is water in there,” Munsey says.

The cost of admission is the price of the car wash package you choose. Options start at $6.

Munsey started the Haunted Car Wash last year because she loves Halloween. The response, she says, has been amazing. An average of 250 cars come through on the “haunted” nights. Click here for the remaining dates.

After all, what’s a treat like a car wash without a little trick?

“It’s lots of fun,” says Munsey.

WATCH: Brandi gives you a tour of the Haunted Car Wash

HAUNTED CAR WASH IN SPRING- 20615 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX- Open 7p-9p, but line starts around 6:30p. - Price is your car wash package. You can choose from a range of $6 to $20. - More info here: https://gfycarwash.com/(Sorry about Kuykendahl. 🤭 Lived here four years. I should know better!)

Posted by Brandi Smith KHOU on Friday, October 19, 2018