New research shows pre-K programs do more than just give kids a head start in school. They also help kids later in life.

Let's connect the dots.

While there have been countless studies on the effects of pre-school education, they all have the same general conclusion: Kids who go to pre-K do better in kindergarten.

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But that's just the headline. Research also shows that while all kids benefit, poor and disadvantaged kids see the most gains.

It also has big benefits for dual language learners, who show improvements in not only English proficiency but also other academic skills.

And this isn't just about the short term.

A long-term study that followed kids for 40 years found that the ones who went to pre-school:

  • Had higher paychecks as an adult
  • Were more likely to hold onto a job
  • Were less likely to have been arrested
  • Were more likely to graduate high school.

A reminder that early childhood education is the building blocks for a better future.