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Houston workers not getting paychecks after New York-based payroll company closes

The FBI and State of New York are investigating the huge mess.

Thousands of people all across the country have seen their recent paychecks disappear.

It all stems from a New York-based payroll company, MyPayrollHR, shut down last week.

At least one Houston business is now reeling from the effects.

Caring Senior Service is a home care provider in north Houston. They provide help for seniors and others. The owner of the company, Rick Casey has been busy meeting with his employees, driving to their banks and helping them plead their case to get their money back.

"This is a nightmare, I mean, beginning of the month, rents are due, car payments are due, insurance is due and everything else and they’re facing negative bank accounts,” says Casey.

Casey has over a hundred employees and he’s desperately trying to keep them afloat and his company in operation. He was helping his worker Shelley Adkins argue her case at her bank.

"It’s been a nightmare. I mean, I’ve got three kids at home to feed and waking up to a negative bank account isn’t something that anyone wants, says Adkins.  

Her bank told her it would be several days before she gets her money back in her account.

In the meantime, Casey has been writing checks to his workers out of his own pocket.

The FBI and State of New York are investigating the huge mess.