Normally, rain totals like the 1"-3" forecast for Wednesday and Thursday would not be enough to cause flooding problems. However, because the ground is so saturated from recent rains, instead of being absorbed by the ground whatever rain falls will very quickly run off into creeks and streams. This may cause rapid rises on some bayous so we'll be monitoring them closely. It will cause many high water spots on area road ways.

Light rain will begin to fall Wednesday morning, just in time for you to head back to work. The threat for heavy rain (below) will begin Wednesday afternoon. The evening commute may be impacted heavily.


At the mid levels, a low pressure area (below) will form at 18,000 ft. You can see it as the closed green circle over northwest Texas on Thursday.


It's location is important to track because that is where the snow will fall. See how they match up? 1"-3" snow totals (below) are expected from Lubbock and Abilene to Wichita Falls by Thursday evening. Dallas may get a flurry or two.