Days before they draw a crowd at the box office, the biggest names in the superhero universe were already drawing a crowd outside one west Houston comic book store early this morning.

“It’s like superheroes with superheroes. It’s really neat. It’s really fun,” said Richard Evans, owner of Bedrock City Comic Company. “And then as soon as you guys went out with your cameras they all split.”

Houston’s finest may be camera shy, but Captain America and Iron Man certainly weren’t. They faced off inside Bedrock City Comic Company before they face off in “Captain America: Civil War,” opening this weekend.

Evans said it’s a great tie-in to this Saturday’s nationwide Free Comic Book Day, and he hopes it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce his store and his passion to the everyday person.

“Come in and try out a comic book store, pick up some comics for free,” Evans said.

Up to five comic books per person will be offered for free at Evans’ stores, with 25 to 30 different titles printed specifically for that day.

There will also be authors, artists and -- of course -- plenty of costumed characters.

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