A Houston couple in their 70s survived the Utah desert after wandering lost for days.

The couple was found in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, a park as dangerous as it is beautiful.

"There was no way back or forward," said Helena Byler on Friday at a Utah hospital. "There was nothing we knew in that moment, it was impossible."

The couple was up against the impossible two weeks ago after their rental car stalled on a road.

The couple had ventured out from their motel on a day trip to Lake Powell.

"There were no cars around, no tourists, no one," Helena said.

She told the Kane County Sheriff's Office that after they couldn't go further in their car, they began walking back up the road.

The couple spent one night out in the rain but by the next day, Helena pushed on to look for help because her husband Gerald couldn't walk any more.

A cattle herder found Helena five days later. She was lying by the side of the road, Helena admitted she survived partially by drinking her own urine.

Crews eventually found her husband alive a half mile from the car, he had survived in an old trailer.

"She did what she felt she had to do and did it with the best of her ability," Gerald said.

Investigators say it's possible Helena might have spent a couple of days in one of the old trailers not knowing her husband was in another one nearby.

The Kane County Sheriff's Office believes if the rancher hadn't found the couple when they did, this story likely would've had a different outcome.

Both Gerald and Helena are expected to make a full recovery. Once they get better, they'll be allowed to come home to Houston.