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Homeless shelters in need of donations to help prevent COVID-19 spread

In 24 hours, $3,000 was raised to donate hand sanitizer to shelters in Dallas, but more still needs to be done.

DALLAS — The needs at shelters in Dallas have intensified due to COVID-19. There is an urgent need to keep people safe and healthy.

“Folks are worried,” said David Woody, president and CEO of The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center in Dallas.

On Tuesday, Woody was excited to see 10 gallons of hand sanitizer brought to the doors at The Bridge.

In a joint effort with Downtown Dallas Inc., The Gents Place and Sincerely You Project started collecting donations for homeless shelters. In 24 hours, they raised $3,000, enough to buy 50 gallons of hand sanitizer.

According to Ben Davis, owner and CEO of The Gents Place, they received donations ranging from $5 to $500. Every penny counts. He encourages those who have a tight budget to donate their time instead. 

“All the local homeless shelters,” said Davis, “They need your resources right now more than ever.”

While many people are struggling during the pandemic, Samantha Moran, Co-Founder of Sincerely You Project, said it’s important to not forget those who don’t have a home. 

“They are human being. These are parents. These are sons, daughters. So just remember, they are somebody,” she said.  

Her co-founder, Jordan Ochoa, said the project is just getting started. “We hope we can get more support.” 

They hope to spread this message: The best way to help someone without a home is to donate to shelters, rather than hand out food or money on the streets. This way, your donation can support many people instead of just one individual. It also keeps those receiving donations safe.

On Tuesday, The Bridge, Family Gateway, Austin Street Center and OurCalling all received hand sanitizer donations. Donations can be made directly to the shelter websites.

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