No matter how demanding the circuit training at Sherri Fitness is, the ladies who attend her boot camp workout classes can agree that the hardest part of the workout is just getting there.

"Being a full-time working mom with two children, it's definitely hard to just put in time," said Ashley Mora, a client at the gym.

However, she's made time to go.

"The best time to workout could be any time," said Sherri Braxton, owner and trainer at Sherri Fitness. "You can work out at 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock, it doesn't matter. You have to go with what you're able to do."

She would know. A champion figure competitor, Braxton trains women of all shapes, sizes, and ages boot camp style.

"About 30 minutes to an hour, I think everybody needs a good hour to train," Braxton said. "I recommend to my clients do no more than an hour."

She said doing so three to four times a week with rest days in between is the safest way. To tailor your workout to your individual needs, she said you have to understand your abilities and limitations.

"Get a physical because you have a lot of women, or anyone, that want to walk into a gym and pick up a weight and their form," Braxton said. "They have no upper body strength."

For some, she said, they just haven't figured out the right fitness regimen for themselves.

"You need to shop around," Braxton said. "Go to different gyms and see what they offer and see what you're able to do."

"There's no magic pill," Mora said. "It's hard work, dedication, and just perseverance really."

It's nine months of that push-through attitude that got Mora in the shape she's in today, only months after giving birth.

"My final weight before delivering was over 160 pounds. I'm down 47 pounds, so lower than my original weight," she noted.

However, jabs in the gym only go so far if it's not paired with healthy eating.

"I have a lot of ladies that come in and the first thing they say is, 'I don't think I'll be able to do the food, but I'll be able to do the training,'" Braxton said. "They have to know that the eating is 85 percent and the training is the rest."

Proper nutrition, body maintenance, and consciousness as people age, Sherri said, can protect them from injuries and illnesses.

"You have to keep training, you have to keep eating right," Braxton said. "I'll be 53 years old this year so as I get older, I know that I have to pace myself now with a lot of things that I'm doing."