HOUSTON — EpiPens can be life saving for adults and children who face the threat of severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

But they can be expensive - especially for those without insurance.

One of our viewers asked us to verify a Facebook post about a work-around to getting EpiPens on the cheap. 

The post says, "If you need an EpiPen but can't afford it, have a doctor write a prescription for "adrena-click"...an EpiPen competitor... and make sure the doctor allows for substitutions... and have the pharmacy order the generic version."

The post goes on to say "I saw a patient pay just $10." 

We checked with the drug-maker, Impax Laboratories. We also checked with CVS Pharmacy who is said to be offering this deal.

We can verify, the $10 price tag was true a couple of years ago, but not anymore.

Two years ago, CVS unveiled a generic alternative to the EpiPen.

It costs $110 for a two-pack. There was a $100 coupon being offered, dropping the price to $10. 

Impax labs still offers a discount but now, it's just $25.

Still, a $25 savings is better than nothing. For a link to the coupon from the manufacturer, go here: https://sservices.trialcard.com/Coupon/Epinephrine