Comments by Donald Trump have triggered new concerns over women’s health.

Abortion providers and others are bracing for possible changes under the new president.

“All we know is that things are uncertain right now,” said Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast spokesperson Rochelle Tafolla.

Trump’s interview on Sunday’s “60 Minutes” increased concerns.

“I’m pro-life...the judges will be pro-life,” Trump said.

Trump spoke about Supreme Court appointees who may work to overturn Roe v. Wade and where women in need of abortions may go.

“If it ever were overturned, it would go back to the states,” Trump said. “Perhaps they’ll have to go to another state.”

It’s not a stretch to say Planned Parenthood feels under renewed attack.

“The greatest fear is that women’s health will be at risk and that women’s lives will be in jeopardy,” Tafolla said.

She said safe, legal abortions are not the only things at stake. So are preventive healthcare measures like birth control pills, IUDs, and implants.

“I think that women need to be aware and need to be cautious,” Tafolla said.

So far, there’s been no noticeable uptick in patients seeking birth control at Planned Parenthood in Houston or any of the other women’s healthcare providers with whom we spoke.

But all prescribe a conversation with your own doctor.

“Call your doctor, call your healthcare provider,” Tafolla said. “Find out what the best birth control option is for you.”

She hopes options continue to available in the coming years.

Planned Parenthood has seen an increase in volunteers and donations since last week’s election. Meanwhile, pro-life groups have praised President-elect Trump’s latest comments.