HOUSTON - It turns out the cost of a Tamiflu prescription is not set in stone.

The name brand antiviral medication can cost $150 to $200 without insurance.

However, there are several ways to ensure you pay the lowest price:

  • Request generic Tamiflu, which usually costs around $100. With insurance, you may only pay $20.
  • Shop for discount coupons on GoodRX.com. With a coupon, several Houston pharmacies are selling the medication for about $50.
  • Check Healthwarehouse.com. The website currently has Tamiflu for $85.
  • Talk to your pharmacist about available discounts.

“Be sure to ask your pharmacist, ‘Is this the best deal you can give me? Is there something else I should know about or any other discounts you can provide?’ You might be surprised. Our secret shoppers have found asking that question can definitely save you money,” said Lisa Gill, prescription drug editor for Consumer Reports.