HOUSTON -- Inside the operating rooms at Texas Children's Hospital, pediatric surgeons can't believe their eyes.

"It's unbelievable," said Dr. Larry Hollier, Surgeon in Chief at Texas Children's Hospital. "It's the highest resolution image that you or I would ever see."

Last month they were the only children's hospital in the country to try out a revolutionary new tool.

"I don't think any TV your viewers have can come close to matching this definition, but it goes beyond that, it's also three dimensional definition," said Hollier.

It's called ORBEYE, a one of a kind 4K-3D video microscope.

"This microscope is a camera, a very small camera," said Hollier.

It's so tiny it can be positioned almost anywhere around the patient.

"With these tiny babies we operate on, precision is very, very important," said Hollier.

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The microscope magnifies the operating field. Surgeons have to wear special glasses to see the crystal clear 3D image displayed on a 55-inch screen.

"Most surgeons who've used it tell me it's a much more comfortable way to operate," said Hollier.

Gone are the days of surgeons hunching over their patient, now they can look up. Dr. Hollier says his surgeons have already used it in pediatric heart, urology and plastic surgeries.

The game changing technology allows nurses and others in the OR to more easily assist surgeons. ORBEYE will help improve outcomes and increase the speed and efficiency of life-saving procedures done daily inside the hospital.

"When our fields are very tiny, anything like this is going to impact hundreds, if not thousands of surgeries a year," said Hollier.

Dr. Hollier says he expects Texas Children's Hospital to be one of the first hospitals to purchase multiple ORBEYEs once the company wraps up its feedback process.