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Number of unvaccinated Texas kids more than quadruples in a decade

One Houston school reports more than 25 percent of its population is missing at least one vaccine.

HOUSTON — Let’s start with some good news! 

Texas hasn’t seen a measles case in more than a month. The last one was reported to the Texas Department of Health Services on April 5th, bringing the total to 15 cases across Texas so far this year.

But when it comes to the vaccinations, more children are not getting immunized.

The state health department just released a map showing the percentage of students in K-12 grades with an exemption for vaccines. 

The darker the color, the more kids who are not vaccinated.

Credit: Texas DHS

In 2008, 12,633 Texas students weren’t vaccinated under a conscientious exemption because the parent declined vaccinations for reasons of conscience or religious beliefs.

A decade later for the 2018-2019 school year, the state says it’s jumped to 64,176 students having a conscious exemption for at least one vaccine.

Medical experts say social media has helped to spread false information about vaccines.

To the point Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are all cracking down on messages from groups advocating against vaccinations. 

You can also find the state’s vaccination data online: 

For more about Immunization Exemptions for reasons of conscience, click here.

Information on obtaining an exemption to the Texas school immunization requirements for medical reasons, armed service members, and for reasons of consciousness.

For more about vaccination coverage levels in Texas Schools, click here.

For more about conscientious exemption data broken down by county and school district, click here.

This data is from the Annual Survey of Immunization Status derived from approximately 1,300 public school districts and 800 accredited private schools in Texas.


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