A mother’s labor was induced after having to walk through neck-high waters. The parents named the baby, Noah.

No, the name was not on purpose. Khristhian and Kayla Estrada had picked the name before Hurricane Harvey but say it now fits perfectly.

When the Estrada’s evacuated, they had push through flood water they say smelled like gasoline. Kayla started feeling cramps on her feet, then her knees and when the pain reached her belly, she couldn’t tell if it was contractions because Noah is her first baby.

One day after the evacuation, Kayla went into labor. A doctor at Southwest Memorial Herman Hospital told the family the labor was induced due to high stress levels from that day.

The couple was expecting the baby in mid-September but Noah came three weeks earlier.

The family is living with Kayla’s mother and hope to get back to their home soon.