WINTER GARDEN, Florida (CBS DFW) – Texas is weeks away from the first legal sale of medical marijuana.

Two years after lawmakers legalized the drug for epilepsy patients, the state has licensed a company operating as Knox Medical to dispense the drug.

CBS11 travelled to Winter Garden, Florida, where the company has already broken ground as one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries there.

“I never thought in a million years, I’d be growing marijuana,” admits Bruce Knox, the company’s COO and chief cultivation officer.

A half hour’s drive from Disney World, hundreds of marijuana plants are growing in the greenhouse he oversees.

“I grew up extremely… with conservative values, and I’d never even seen a cannabis plant prior to getting into this,” said Knox.

His late parents, both retired law enforcement officers, founded Knox Nursery in 1962.

In 2015, Knox teamed up his family business with Cansortium Holdings to create Knox Medical.

“I was fortunate enough to go ask my dad about two weeks before he passed what he thought about this,” recalled Knox. “He said that I never thought that it should be illegal.”

In September, Texas awarded a new branch of the company, Cansortium Texas the state’s first license to dispense. Customers will see it operate and sell products under the same Knox Medical name it uses in Florida.

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