HOUSTON – A Jacinto City man is fighting for his life after an apparent case of flesh-eating bacteria. His family said he got sick after as trip to Galveston.

Doctors had to amputate 50-year-old Brian Parrott's right leg due to the bacteria. He remains in ICU at LBJ Hospital.

“Today, he made the statement, ‘I don’t know how much more of this I can take,’” said Donna Dailey, Parrott’s mom.

Relatives are in shock over how Parrott got the infection.

“The problem I have is (Parrott) didn’t know about it,” Dailey said. “If (his family) had known about it, they surely wouldn’t have put (my) great-grandkids or his grandkids (in the water).”

A week ago Sunday, Parrott took his son and grandchildren to a Galveston beach. The family spent at least two hours in the water.

Days later, Parrott began vomiting, then noticed sores on his leg.

Health officials in Harris County have not confirmed vibrio—commonly known as flesh-eating—infection, nor its origin.

A Galveston Health Department spokesman said flesh-eating bacteria lives in coastal waters and can infect when someone’s open wound is exposed to brackish or salt water. It is most commonly spread by eating undercooked shellfish, authorities said.

So far, Galveston reports two flesh-eating bacteria infections in 2016. One victim contracted the disease from food, the other through a wound.

In 2015, Galveston’s Health Department reported eight infections, down from a confirmed nine cases in both 2014 and 2013.

Parrott’s loved ones said his infection has already cost him his career, where he works in security.

Now, the family worries what will happen next.

“I’m wanting to know if he’s going to live,” Dailey said.