HOUSTON — Laser hair removal is more popular than ever. It’s also easier than ever to get.

Now there are devices on the market let you do the procedure at home.

However, Dr. Adelaide Hebert, a dermatologist at UTHealth, said the DIY devices may not be for everyone.

“The way this technology works, it has a target that the energy looks for. Brown hair and brown skin, the target can’t tell where it’s supposed to go. That energy is directed to the skin at times, when it’s supposed to be directed into the hair follicle,” said Hebert with the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth.

The same is true for fair-skinned people with light hair.

She said several of her patients have burned themselves with botched laser hair procedures and recommends leaving the lasers to the professionals.

“The consequences can be very long lasting and sometimes worse than the hair was when they started the procedure,” she said.

At least one at-home device is FDA approved. The technology works best for people with contrast: light skin and dark hair. Even then, dermatologists say to make sure the reward really is worth the risk.