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Health Matters: Professional medical support helps woman manage diabetes and get pregnant

While dealing with her diabetes, Archana Acosta had a goal to get pregnant within half a year, and with the help of Dr. Neel Shah, she was able to do it.

HOUSTON — Diabetes is a serious chronic disease but after being diagnosed with it, many people struggle to make the drastic changes needed to stabilize their health.

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Archana Acosta admits she was one of those people.

“I tried to manage my diabetes by myself for years,” Acosta said.

During that time, Acosta and her husband tried to start a family, but after a miscarriage and significant weight gain, Acosta realized she couldn’t manage her diabetes alone.

After stumbling upon a UT Physicians clinic near her grocery store, Acosta was soon connected with endocrinologist Dr. Neel Shah.

“(Acosta) threw a bombshell at me which was, she wanted to get pregnant within three to six months. But at the time, her diabetes was out of control,” Shah said.

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Still, Dr. Shah, along with a diabetes educator and her primary care physician, helped set Acosta up for success.

“I had to get on the medicine, I had to do all of the weight goals, and I had to do all of the eating goals,” Acosta said.

Within six months, Acosta managed to lose about 30 pounds. She soon became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl in November 2021.

Acosta said she learned from her experiences and encourages others who are also trying to manage their diabetes to find a support system that works for them.

“I realized I really needed the help of a professional,” she said.

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