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More people being admitted to hospital for eating disorders

Doctors say eating disorders tend to be more common in woman and younger people.

HOUSTON — COVID-19 pandemic restrictions may have eased but the aftereffects are still being felt. 

A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found the number of inpatient admissions for disordered eating has nearly doubled since 2020.

The warning signs include fluctuation in weight, changes in exercise patterns and disruptions in eating.

"There are a variety of different eating disorders that someone could be diagnosed with or just behaving certain symptoms of," said Dr. Bobby Nix, a psychiatrist with UT Physicians. "You can still be suffering from an eating disorder without having a full-blown diagnosis."  

Dr. Nix said eating disorders tend to be more common in younger people, teens and children.

"You don't want to label foods as good or bad," he said. "You want to teach your child about moderation and healthy eating." 

Nix said it's also OK if your child doesn't finish all of their food. Allow them to come back to finish their meal later if they're full.

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